Dippity Doo Dah!

After the attack on sprays in last month's newsletter I suppose I should expound on the alternative which of course is a blade dip. Blade dips are more concentrated than sprays and they don't hang around in the air either.

Blade cleaning should be a daily event.

Hair removal: At the end of the grooming day your blades will be covered with hair, pet dander, and "Spray-Lube". All this stuff needs to be cleaned off the blades. Though pet hair is thicker than human hair, it will melt with the heat created by your blades. In combination with oil and pet dander it becomes a gooey mess that will creep under the cutter of your blade. Once the bottom of your cutter gets contaminated with this dried goop, the points of the cutter will rise and start to snag hair or drag through the coat. If cleaning isn't done immediately the blade will not cut.

Daily blade cleaning is simple

Per the above picture: Slide the cutter to one side and take a small brush (toothbrush) and clean the cutter, comb, and spring of all hair, dander and oil. Finish one side and do it again to the other. DO NOT TAKE BLADES APART TO CLEAN THEM.

One more time: Blades will get a reddish buildup between the cutter and comb. This is caused by moisture. The moisture comes from the animals' coat, humidity in the shop, and spray coolants (Kool Lube). If you use a lot of "SPRAY LUBE" your blades will build up fast, actually seize up and the cutter won't be able to move back and forth.

Most good quality blade dips can be used in conjunction with daily blade cleaning or during a trim. You can clean the blade and immediately groom a dog.

With your blade mounted on your clipper, put the blade into the dip far enough to cover the teeth, and turn the clipper on. Immediately the motor will start to gain speed and black stuff will wash into the dip. Hold the blade in the dip until you feel its clean enough then turn clipper off before pulling it out of the dip.

Have a towel handy, and with the clippers off, pull the blade from the dip and wipe the blade until you’re satisfied its dry enough. Don’t hold the clipper straight up because the dip may run inside your clipper.

Put a drop of oil on the blade, and you’re done.

Experience is what you have left when everything else is gone.

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