Maintaining Your AG Clipper

The following notes were compiled specifically for the Andis AGC clippers but the same techniques (with some variation) may be applied to AG and AG2 clippers.

All Andis clippers require the same maintenance. These clippers are not "Maintenance Free", there are some things you must do routinely or the clippers will fail slowly over time. Andis clippers are NOT direct drive units and have more problems than the direct drive clippers like Oster.

There are three things you must do routinely to keep your Andis clipper running almost "Maintenance Free".


Take your blow dryer and blow all the hair from front of the clipper. Not doing this routinely will permit the hair to plug the airflow to the inside. When the clippers start running HOT, this means hair has plugged up everything. Keep it clean. AGCs have a cap you can remove to blow the hair away from the drive assembly. You have to take the AGs and AG2s apart to do this.


Take the clipper apart and use your blow dryer to blow all the hair from inside. Pay special attention around the armature and blade drive, trapped hair creates problems. Take the switch handle off and make sure there is no hair embedded in the slots, if there is the switch my not be able to move far enough to engage the second speed. Look for things that may be “loose” and tighten them up with a screwdriver.


The blade drive is the heart of the Andis clipper. It will not function properly if it is weak or has any broken ribs, blades will start to drag and you’ll think your blades are dull. A bad drive, or hair behind the gear that moves the drive, or a weak hinge, or a cracked motor mount from using blades that are coated from spray coolants can cause rows in the hair when using a 10, 15, or 30 blade.

Checking a blade on someone else's clipper is NOT a good way to find out if your blade is working properly. They also may have any one of the above-mentioned faults and your blade could act up and seem to be repeating something on their clipper.

If a blade doesn't work on your clipper, find out why it doesn't work on your clipper.

No one is listening until you fart.

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