Maintaining Your A5 Clipper

Oster A5 clippers rely on routine maintenance or they will fail. The units will overheat if they aren't kept clean and free of hair. In this issue I present some basic (but necessary) A5 maintenance tips you can do yourself.

Your A5 clipper, the hair collector

The clipper head needs to be blown out with your hair dryer on a daily basis. Not doing so will clog the airflow and could prevent the blade from seating securely on the hinge and latch. A dirty latch could give "blade wobble" or a "corn rowing" effect on the cut. Hinges and latches don't last forever and may need replacing.

Take the rear switch housing off and remove any compacted hair. A dental pick is a great tool for cleaning out the nooks and crannies. Make sure the air holes in the end cap are clear of hair, and try to fish as much hair as you can from inside the motor. A good sharp shot of compressed air thru the front vent slots may dislodge even more hair.

Not cleaning the inside of your clipper routinely could cause airflow blockage in which case the clipper will overheat and the armature may burn up.

If it looks ugly, it is ugly

Remove the gearbox plate and expose the gearbox. Then take all the greasy parts out (except the felts on each side of the lever. Using Q-Tips or paper towel clean the dirty grease out of the gearbox.

Clean the parts thoroughly and check for damage. Check for a groove worn in the middle of the fiber gear. If the fiber gear is grooved, replace it.

Put the link on the fiber gear and check for a sloppy fit. If the fit is sloppy, replace the link. A sloppy fit between the link and fiber gear will cause a clacking sound while the clipper is running. Check the part of the lever that fits into the blade; if the ends are rounded replace the lever. While applying copious amounts of genuine clipper grease, re-assemble the gear box parts in the reverse order that you removed them.

Don't forget the oil

Oil the felts with genuine clipper oil. Not too much, but enough to make them look dark. The felts will be gray in color if they are dry, and will cause the lever to overheat as it rocks back and forth. Oiling also gives a tight fit around the lever.

Put the gearbox plate back on. (the first thing you took off)

Using genuine clipper oil, lube the armature gear thru the oiler located near the front air vent. It only takes a drop but it’s very important to do this.

Start the clippers on low speed and listen for anything strange. They should sound smooth running. Let them run for 5 minutes to let the new lubrication work in. The clippers are ready for use.

Before installing the lever put a small drop of grease in the center hole. Do not grease the post where the lever attaches you might get grease on the felts. Carefully, set the lever on top of the post and push down slightly. Align the post of the link to the hole in the arm of the lever and push into place.

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

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