The Right Clipper Blade For The Right Job

The job's always easier with the right tools. It's a fact that you can work smarter, or work harder. From time to time I am asked what blades should be used for pet grooming, and frankly I think it's the same as with most things and that's whatever does the job for you. I put together some basic clipper blade information for those who would like to have it.

Skip-tooth blades

The coarse or uneven teeth on a skip-tooth blade more effectively feed hair into the cutter which allows you to cut under mats.

Finishing blades

The teeth on finishing blades are even, and create a smoother finish.

Wide blades / T-blades

Cutting surface is wider than regular blades. Used for larger breeds or strip-downs.

Surgical blades

Used to prep an area for surgery. Also used for show cuts on Poodles. The best blade to use with snap-on combs.

Blocking / skimming blades

Used for shaping, carving, and trimming needed for precise cuts.

Select blade size by length of cut desired. Lengths shown in the chart are achieved by cutting against the lie of the hair. When cutting in the direction the hair lies, the lengths will approximately double.

Blade Size Cut Usage
50 0.20mm Surgical prep. Show Poodle feet, face, and sometimes pattern.
40 0.25mm Surgical prep. Poodle feet.
30 0.5mm Poodle feet. Between pads of some dogs.
15 1.20mm Used for sensitive poodle feet, pads, faces on Poodles, Cockers, and Terriers.
T84F 5.00mm Wide blade used for stripping heavy coats to medium length.
10 1.50mm Used for Sanitary trim (tummy & genital area). Faces on Poodles Cockers & Terriers. Most cat clipping.
10W 1.50mm A #10 with a wide blade. Good for full-body shave downs and large breeds.
9 1.98mm Used for sporting breeds' necks and sometimes backs. Use on Cockers Schnauzer and Springer backs.
2.78 Used for head, face, neck & sometimes body on sporting breeds and terriers.
7 3.00mm Skip-tooth – Used for bodywork on sporting breeds, Terriers and Poodles. Great for matted dogs.
7F 3.00mm Finish blade for #7 skip-tooth, unmatted cats
5 6.00mm Skip-tooth – used for body work on sporting breeds and Terriers and Poodles
5F 6.00mm Finishing blade for #5 skip-tooth
4 9.00mm Skip-tooth – used for body work on low-slung terriers (Westie White, Scottie, Cairn, etc). Pet Poodles, short trims on Lhasa Apsos, and Shi Tzus.
4F 9.00mm Finish blade for #4 skip tooth. Used for bodywork on sporting breeds, Terriers, and Poodles. "Puppy" cuts on coated breeds.
12.00mm Skip-tooth. Used for "puppy" cuts on Lhasa Apsos and similar breeds.
12.00mm Finish blade for 3¾ skip tooth. Can also be used against the grain similarly to the 4F.
5/8 0.75mm The cutting surface is very small and these blades are used for small areas. Ideal for setting poodle patterns.
7/8 0.75mm The cutting surface is very small and these blades are used for small areas. Ideal for setting poodle patterns.

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