So you dropped your good scissors?


The day was going swimmingly. You had a full schedule of clients, the dogs were well behaved, and things were trucking right along. Suddenly your good scissors crashed onto the floor. That's right, the same ones you just had sharpened.

Try not to close the scissors until you've inspected them!

If your scissors blades jarred together upon impact, the blades may have a "nitch". A nitch is a term for a nick and it looks like a small vee-shaped mark on the cutting edge of the scissors blade(s). There may also be a burr on the nitch, which is actually the displaced metal. If you close the blades on a burr, you will shave off the cutting edge from that point to the blade tips.

Hold the blades apart by spreading the blade tips and close the scissors carefully.

If you decide to continue using the damaged scissors, you'll have to get rid of the burr on the nitch. You can do this by holding the blade tips closed and opening the scissors carefully. Then you spread the blade tips and close the scissors and repeat a couple more times.

This is only a band-aid measure, and you will be obliged to resharpen your scissors soon.

It gets worse...

Suppose your scissors landed on one or both blade tips. If that happened, there is an excellent chance that one or both blades are bent, and your scissors will no longer cut hair the full length of the blade.

At this point there is no getting around a trip to your sharpener.

A good offence

Why not just tell your sharpener that the scissors never cut right after the last sharpening? This might work with some sharpeners but not this one. Prior to shipment all scissors are checked for set and are tested on real hair.

Resetting scissors is not without risk. There is a chance that the blade may break in the process, and you will be asked to take responsibility for breakage. Otherwise your sharpener will wish you good luck with your bent scissors.

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