Forged vs Cast


Whenever buying a quality shear you ALWAYS want to make sure that they have the following features:

  1. That they are forged...not cast.
  2. That the handles are made separately from the blades and hand welded together.
  3. That they are made from 440-A or higher Hitachi Japanese steel.
  4. That they have convex blades.

Shark Fin™ shears are forged to insure excellent balance, great control, and proper blade alignment.

All Shark Fin shears have hand-honed, convex edges. Shark Fin shears are made from the highest quality 440-A, 440-C & ATS-314 Japanese Hitachi steel. The handles are made separately from the blades and then are hand-welded together, giving our shears excellent balance and "tuneability."

With lower quality shears, they are cast in one piece. This makes them more brittle as well as harder to balance and "tune." Our professional shear line is approximately 90% handmade. Unlike a cast shear... if it is dropped and bent, because of our 2 piece construction our shears can be realigned without the risk of breaking as can happen with a lower quality "cast" shear.

This process is more labor and cost intensive, but it gives you a much higher quality, longer lasting, better cutting product for years of great styling.

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